Safety Program Development


A carefully considered and well-planned safety program is critical to business success and workplace safety.  OSHA requires every organization to have a documented safety program.  All types of companies in a variety of industries can benefit from a program that establishes a workplace safety culture that allows a company to grow and thrive while maintaining a safe work environment.

A safety program educates employers and employees of all work processes and hazards and positions everyone to provide valuable insight on how to improve company-wide safety.

The Certified Safety Professionals at AdvanceOnline have the experience and expertise to develop and launch your safety program.  We will work you to develop your customized safety program taking into consideration your industry, your location, and your unique business processes. With our guidance, your safety program will meet all federal and state requirements and position your company to maintain the safe work environment you need to build your business safely.

Steps to building your custom Safety Program

1. Determine the specific safety regulations that apply to your business

2. Assess the current work environment, identifying risks and hazards

3. Develop and document detailed processes and programs with performance metrics

4. Educate and train your workforce on safety policies and procedures

5. Monitor, review and make improvements

Expert Resources Focused on Your Safety

Our safety experts have on average over 20 years of experience working with companies to develop, maintain, and update safety programs.

• Certified Safety Professionals

• OSHA-Authorized Instructors

• Certified Industrial Hygienists

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